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Cold Reading

Any well intentioned idea can blow up once pencil hits paper if a sentence is confusing, fragmented, or just keeps on running. A misspelled word and subject-verb disagreement can muddy up the waters just enough to keep the reader guessing why he or she started reading in the first place.  iRedPen serves with this in mind. No matter how well you write, proofreading and editing is what can separate the great from the good.

All material should be proofread, at the least, before it is moved on for review or publication. In the business arena, this goes from a basic email to a company white paper. For a student, the stakes are high;  punctuation and grammar mistakes can cut the legs out from under a grade A  paper.

A great idea that turns into confusing content  is heartbreaking. This is where our professional editing turns a tornado into a rainbow. Proofreading and editing services means reading and reviewing documents to eliminate technical errors like punctuation, spelling, and capitalization  and also ensures poor word choice and misguided sentences do not reach a finished product.