Kendra Williams

​     Professional Proofreader / Editor / Writer

     Kendra Williams likes letters. And words. And how they work together to make sentences. (For the integrity of all things grammar, that which is above a sentence does not make.)

     She had been tormented for years by misspelled words on billboards, sentence fragments in marketing brochures, and punctuation errors on million dollar company websites. Enough was enough! It had become obvious there was a need for proofreading and editing.

     Today, Kendra proofreads, edits, and rewrites products when others don't have time (or when they would pretty much rather be doing anything else in the entire world.) She is deadline driven and completely dedicated to improving your grade and producing a cleaner business document. She will work with you as quickly and efficiently as possible without sacrificing the quality of work.

   Not only does her love for language run deep, so does her experience, which includes:

  • Technical writer for the Department of Energy 
  • Technical writer for AECOM
  • Freelance writer/editor for the Southern Ohio Economic Development Alliance
  • Technical Curriculum Editor for Ohio Christian University
  • Freelance Manuscript Cold Reader/Proofreader
  • ​Journalist
  • English Teacher​